Fleet Management

Trackimo's fleet management solution - real-time visibility of mobile assets, reduce operating costs, protect goods in transit and serve more customers.

The solution is especially suitable for monitoring

light and medium vehicles
agricultural equipment
warehouse/logistics equipment
rental fleets, boats, snow plows
mobile equipment
Trackimo's fleet management solution provides businesses with real time visibility of your

mobile assets
helps you reduce operating costs
protect goods in transit
serve more customers.
Use Cases
Optimal solution for light- and medium-duty vehicle and vessel fleets.
place the activated tracker inside the vehicle/vessel (optimal for short-term rentals)
for the long-term duty, easily install the 12/24V converter or simply plug the tracker cable into a spare USB port
for optimal performance use the OBDII car dongle (coming soon)
24/7 monitor the whereabouts of your vehicles
utilize the full power of Trackimo mobile and web apps
reduce labor cost and maximize your productivity with route optimization
reduce fuel consumption by monitoring vehicle usage and effective routing
help vehicle fleet managers comply with "work and rest" regulations for drivers
quickly identify and locate the vehicle/vessel in the need of recovery (SOS button)
use auxiliary buttons to report accomplished tasks en-route
Track your unpowered assets – both on-premise, in-transit and in field.
affix the TrackiPro pad with screws, magnet, or tape
attach the activated TrackiPro device to the pad with ease
24/7 monitor the whereabouts of your asset
enjoy up to 12 months of rechargeable battery life
utilize the full power of Trackimo mobile and web apps
monitor and manage your mobile assets anywhere in real-time
prevent theft through geo-fence rules
study history and optimize routes and operations
extend the asset monitoring with optional auxiliary sensors (e.g. get temperature and humidity)
establish geo-fences and get alerts
Key Benefits
Real-time visibility of mobile assets
Reduce fuel consumption by monitoring its usage and effective routing
Serve more customers faster with route optimization while reducing labor costs
Decrease depreciation and insurance costs by managing driver behavior
Reduce vehicle downtime with proactive maintenance scheduling and accident tracking
Monitor assets condition in real time by collecting sensor data such as temperature and humidity

Explore the benefits of our reseller program

Global connectivity with 2G/3G/4G
GPS indoor & outdoor positioning
OBD2 connector
Additional optional sensors - fuel level, temperature and humidity, etc
Full software integration through
open API
Device management and reports through a selection of front-end apps
Customizable reports using
Gurtam's Wialon platform

Already interested?

For simple use cases for small and medium enterprises (SME's), the basic features of Trackimo's Universal and Tracki Pro devices can provide enhanced visibility of your mobile assets, including real-time tracking, geo-fences, and accident alerts.

For extended capabilities, Trackimo Fleet pairs our GPS trackers with Gurtam's Wialon platform and additional sensors, to monitor fuel level, temperature and humidity, driver behavior, and provide other KPI required by fleet managers.