• Track not just your vehicles,
    but also assets such as plant
    machinery and tools.
  • GPS has been necessitated
    in order to keep track of the assets
    in the agricultural industry.
  • Trackimo lets you track all your
    cargo and shipment in the quickest
    most reliable way.
  • Construction fleet management
    tracking is one of the best ways
    to manage operating expenses.
  • No one has to feel worried about
    one's luggage and purses getting
    lost and mixed-up with all the other.
  • Trusted digital transformation
    partner for MNO's.
  • The best thing is the door-to-door
    delivery and you can track the
    movement of the order online.
  • Trackimo can efficiently help
    the general processes from simple
    police roving to eradicating crimes.
  • Location management,
    anti-theft and status reports -
    brought to you by Trackimo OEM.
  • Expand your consumer electronics
    portfolio with best IoT devices.
  • 24/7 global connectivity and security
    for your important assets,
    collateral and personnel.
  • Even when your fleets are out
    on the road, Trackimo can track in
    real- time at your fingertips.