Banking & Financial Services

Monitor and secure your financial operations 24/7.

24/7 global connectivity and security for your important assets, collateral & personnel.

Trackimo's products enable 24/7 location and state monitoring for your important assets and collateral:
from vehicles and vessels,
to machinery to equipment
Personal tracking solutions are also handy for the personnel both in the frontline of service and in operations.

Explore the benefits of our reseller program

Key Benefits
Profit from both device and subscription sales
Decrease seller involvement with plug&play products
Upsell peripherals, accessories and subscription plans
Serve both consumers and SMEs
Integrate through open API with third-party software
Enjoy flexible pricing policy, special offers and regular product updates

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Find out more, how our OEM solutions may benefit your industrial products.
Proven hardware platform (components are used on 1 million+ of devices) with geolocation, connectivity, sensors and interoperability interface

Proprietary IoT platform with white labelling optional for our OEM partners, offering reliable uptime and seamless device management

True global connectivity for your equipment wherever your assets are