Trackimo and the IoT arm of one of the largest European telecom providers have solved this problem by developing a heavy-duty industrial device that analyzes situation inside of container through numerous sensors.
Trackimo developed a connectivity, security and tracking solution for one of the most well-known brands in professional imagery and industrial mapping.

The product was launched in 2018 and since then has safeguarded industrial equipment millions of dollars of worth.
In 2020 Trackimo and one of top European personal security companies launched a school student safety project addressing child safety, whereabouts and emergency management.
Trackimo together with one of the largest data carriers in EU and a European car seat manufacturer have developed a universal solution for child safety - working as a prevention tool for ensuring that no child is abandoned by their parents in a car.

The product has been launched to market in Italy in early 2020, after a local Parliament has enacted a legislation requiring parents to use technical alert systems when driving a child in a vehicle.