Trackimo is a US company, specializing in highly reliable and effective tracking solutions. The company's end-to-end global IoT platform provides personal safety and tracking solutions to more than 500,000 consumers and more than 50 enterprise clients worldwide.

Trackimo's own developed hardware and software cover a vast range of applications and provide flexibility and scalability to fit your business needs.

Highly recognized, the company is a qualified supplier of trackers to Vodafone, Leica, Sumitomo and other telecom and industrial clients.

Our world is rapidly changing into a place, where everything becomes connected - bikes, industrial tools, containers, equipment, parcels - you name it! Trackimo's enterprise products provide a customizable out-of-the-box solution to quickly and simply make any asset you have out there - outdoors or indoors - truly visible and connected.

General Features

Live position tracking: cell network (low precision), GPS (precision up to 5m, outdoor only), WiFi (indoor any location, no beacons required). Geofencing, alerts.

Environment sensors: from accelerometer and pressure to light and gas detectors.

Automated notifications, SOS, two-way communication (optional).

Transmitting telemetry and managing your asset.

Vast features to remotely observe, control and manage the device.

Global sim with 2G/3G/LTE/Cat-M1, maximizing uptime and range.

Low data usage, ensuring healthy battery life and connectivity even with low signal.


The pricing model for enterprise clients includes one-off device price and subscription charge, covering use of Trackimo global platform, mobile services and continuous support. Trackimo's own R&D centre provides quick, smooth and economical customizations and integrations.

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Device specifications
Our devices come in several form-factors which, although having distinguishing features each, still share most of sensors, connectivity capabilities and firmware/software options to provide maximum all-round experience and applicability.